SPACE | a 2016 Eat Move Love event


What does S P A C E mean to you?

We are always negotiating different spaces in our lives. SPACE is not always physical. We can feel claustrophobic in open spaces or find spaciousness in the busiest urban centres.

inner space - head space - sacred space - personal space - cyberspace - blank space - outer space - open space - deep space - holding space - workspace - intimate space -

Spaces are containers of who we are...our identities.

The boundaries of our spaces are informed by beliefs, experiences, what we are taught, expectations - ours and others...

Knowing our boundaries means knowing limitations placed on us, knowing what works and what does not work, when is a YES, and when to stand up and say no. Space is tied up with the concept of identity, freedom, and the permission we give to ourselves and each other.

What spaces do you dwell in?

What spaces do you want to be in?

Being comfortable within the spaces of who we are is part of our journey of self-acceptance, self-knowing, and self-love.

Feeling weightless in our space is to be FREE of past experiences, FREE of the should's and must's, FREE from the belief in a specific timeline for life to unfold....FREE to have a healthier, happier, more fulfilling and purposeful life.

So, come! Come space travel with us. 10.29.2016. We invite you to explore different spaces and enjoy the vignette of experiences we have created for you. 10 speakers. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to engage in all your senses, and more. (full details www.EatMoveLove.sg)


Somatic Experience with Grinberg Method - Shamanism - Tibetan Singing Bowls - DeepDive Coaching - Tea Ceremony - Sensory Meditation - Intimacy - Sexology - Wellness Consultancy - Elemental Yoga


Adeline Tan Healing Concierge

Adrienne Kane To Transform, Heal, and Inspire

Anne-Carole Chaumet The Tea Sommelier

Bill Cael Tibetan Singing Bowls

Diana N Elemental Yoga

Nicole Gilg-Geymayer Somatic Coach Grinberg Method Practitioner

Dr Oberdan Marianetti Essence Coachin

Sandra Shih Tonkinson Eat Move Love

Siewfan Wong Gallery Helios

Tze Toh Composer-Pianist

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Tickets are available for the full day an half day (AM/PM).

The Full Day Pass includes lunch from Food Rebel, which can be purchased separately for those opting for a Half Day Pass. All guests receive gift bags, entry into a Lucky Draw (two tickets for Fully Day Pass and 1 for Half Day Pass), and are welcome to the by-invite Celebrations Party at Gallery Helios.

Full details at www.EatMoveLove.sg/tickets. See our website for F&B, sponsorship, and partnership details as they are updated.

Sat Oct 29, 2016
9:30 AM - 7:00 PM SGT
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Gallery Helios
Full Day Pass (includes lunch) SOLD OUT $125.00
Half Day Pass (Morning) SOLD OUT $60.00
Half Day Pass (Afternoon) SOLD OUT $60.00
Lunch (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian) SOLD OUT $20.00
Venue Address
38 Petain Road Singapore Singapore
5 minutes from Farrer Park MRT Station; coupon parking
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